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How to Add Friends on the Nintendo Switch

How to Add Friends on the Nintendo Switch

The game is more fun when played with friends. On the Nintendo Switch, you must add someone to your friends list before you can play games with it. Here’s how to send and receive friend invitations on the Switch.

How to Add Friends on the Nintendo Switch

There are two ways to add friends on the Nintendo Switch: send friend requests using someone’s friend code, or accept friend requests sent to you. Additionally, you can search for friends locally using Bluetooth.

After you add a friend on the Nintendo Switch, you both have to buy a Nintendo Online Subscription to play any game online.

How to Find Your Friend Code

After following the Nintendo Switch setup process, you will be automatically given a 12-digit friend code. This friend code will start with “SW” and can be seen on your main profile page or at the bottom right of the “Add Friends” page.

The Profile page is located in the upper left corner of the home screen. Use your left Joy-Con to navigate to your avatar, and then press the physical “A” button on your right Joy-Con.


To add friends on the Nintendo Switch, all you need to share is your friend code (or accept another player’s friend code).

First, navigate to your Nintendo Switch Profile Page in the Home menu, and then navigate to the “Add Friend” tab.

Your Nintendo Switch Friend Code is located in the lower right corner, and usually starts with “SW,” followed by 12 digits.


You can choose to manage accepted friend requests, search for local users, use friend codes to send friend invitations, or check requests that you have sent.

Accept Friend Requests

Any friend requests that you will receive will appear in the “Accept Friends Request” menu. You can choose to accept or reject it.


Send friend request

If you get someone’s friend code, you can enter the code by selecting “Search with Friend Code” from the “Add Friends” menu.


Type in the 12-digit friend code, and the friend request will be sent to that person. Every friend request that is sent can be managed by navigating to the “Friends Request Sent” menu option under “Search with a Friend Code.”

Add Friends Locally

This option allows you to exchange friend requests with people in the same room. Does not require internet connection, because it uses Bluetooth to search for local consoles.


To add friends locally, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the Nintendo Switch console is not connected to the internet, friend requests will be temporarily stored on the console. Friend requests will then be sent automatically when the next console is connected to the internet.

Add Friends You Have Played Before


Some online multiplayer games will pair you with random online players that you can send friend requests later. From the “Add Friends” submenu, select “Find Users You Play,” and then invite someone you just played to connect.

Friend Suggestions

Select the “Friend Suggestions” option to send friend requests to people who are friends with the Nintendo, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Facebook, or Twitter smart device applications.


Every social media account must be linked before Nintendo Switch can find friends. To link a social media account to your Nintendo Account, select the option by clicking on the “L” or “R” trigger in your Joy-Cons. Follow the setup instructions on the screen.

Nintendo Switch User Settings

If you want to republish a new friend code, manage a list of blocked users, or delete a linked social media account, you can do so under the “User Settings” submenu. Select your avatar on the Switch home screen to go to this submenu.


This is also where you manage your nickname, icons, account information, and eShop settings.

After a few friends are added, you can start connecting multiplayer games more easily.

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