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How to Cancel Spotify Without Entering

How to Cancel Spotify Without Entering

It’s usually complicated to cancel any account if you can’t log in. Be it Spotify, Gmail, or just a random website, all platforms offer users a simple cancellation form.


In some cases, you are done with a few clicks. In other countries, you might get some incentives to extend your membership. Especially if you have an account on a paid website.

But Spotify makes it easy for users to cancel their accounts at any time. Even if you lose your login credentials. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Contact Customer Support

There are two ways to contact Spotify support, none of which require you to log in to your account. You can visit their official Twitter support page. Or you can access the following support link. If you use a link, you can choose certain categories that have problems with you, in the case of “Account”, and send them an email with all the details.


Or, just DM only on @SpotifyCares. Remember that whichever route you take all needs to prove that you are the account owner. You might have answered your personal information questions or even confirmed your credit card, which was used to pay for your Spotify account.

Receive an Answer

Sometimes email replies can go to your Spam or Junk folder. So make sure to check both of them just in case. It should not take more than 24 hours to get an automatic reply. Follow the instructions in the email to find out how to contact Spotify employees to resolve the problem.

Resetting Your Password

Just because you forget your password doesn’t mean you can’t log back into your account. If you can still enter the email address that you used to create the account, then you can reset your password.


To do this, access the password reset link. You can type your username or email address and press send. Within a few minutes, you will receive an automatic e-mail with the correct username and a link to the password reset form. Follow the instructions on the screen, reset your password, and enter your account.

Now you can continue to use the service or cancel your account.

Save Your Account, Cancel Membership

Another alternative, after you reset your password, is to only cancel the premium membership. Spotify can still be useful even on free packages.

  1. Open your account page.
  2. Open your Package tab.
  3. Select the Change Package option.
  4. Select the Spotify Free option.
  5. Click on the Cancel Premium option.
  6. Confirmation.

As in most cases, this will cancel your membership without deleting your account. You can still use Spotify Premium for the current payment cycle. Better yet, all stored music is still available if you switch from Premium to Free.

You can delete your Spotify account through Customer Support

You already know how to cancel membership if you lose your login credentials. But what if you also lose access to the email you used to create the account? Canceling membership alone is good, but it’s probably not a reliable account anymore.

From the same contact support link, you can tell Spotify about your decision to delete your account. If you can prove that you are the account owner, and that you have paid for membership, a staff member can offer help.

It is best in this situation to find out all the personal information that you provide during account creation, credit card details, etc. Be sure to explain your situation in detail – you can’t access the email address anymore, you might want a new account, but don’t want to pay, and so on.

It might take a few days to complete the process but it can be done. Then, your membership is canceled and the account is closed.

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