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How to Cancel Your Peacock Subscription and Move to the Free Tier

How to Cancel Your Peacock Subscription and Move to the Free Tier

First announced in September 2019, the new Peacock service is owned by NBCUniversal, which makes sense if you consider the logo for NBC to be a colorful peacock. Unlike the upcoming HBO Max streaming service, Peacock offers a free programming level in addition to the two premium plans. If you’re not a fan of the service or just want a free option, here’s how to cancel it and switch to the free tier.

Note: To undo Peacock, you will need to do it from a browser on your computer. At the time of this writing, you cannot cancel from the app on your phone or tablet.

Cancel Peacock Subscription and Move to Free Tier

Go to the Peacock website and log into your account. Once you are logged in, click on the Account button at the top right corner of the screen.


Next, on the Packages & Payments screen find the package you paid for and select the “Change Package” link.


The website then lists all available plans. There are three that you can choose from including the free, premium, and plus (Ad-free) options. Because we undo the changes to the Peacock Free option and then make sure to click the Change Plan button for the changes to take effect.


As all streaming services do, Peacock will try to keep you in the payments ecosystem. This will show you what to lose when your plans run out. Click the “Switch to Free” button to confirm that you are canceling and moving to the free tier.


How to Cancel a Peacock Account

Unfortunately canceling your Peacock Account is not as easy as pressing a button. You should start by clicking on the Request for Removals Link for US Residents. Then fill out the form that will allow you to request account information and delete your account.


Unfortunately, this service in no way makes it easy to cancel your Peacock account. But now that you know the secret steps to take, you should have completed them in no time.

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