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How to change words, language, speed & build Alexa words

How to change words, language, speed & build Alexa words

Don’t like the default sound of Alexa? Well, here’s how to set it to a different one, and also how to choose the word wake if Alexa doesn’t work for you.

When you set Amazon Echo, or another device with the default Alexa, I will find that the sound is always the same. This is because there are – with only a few exceptions – only one voice per language.

Prepare Echo in the UK, for example, and you will get the English version of Alexa English. Arrange one in France, and you will get a French vote.

In certain countries, such as the US, Canada and India, there are multilingual modes where you can speak in two languages ​​and Alexa will respond in whatever language you speak with.

In the US, it’s English / Spanish, for British / French Canadians and in India, English / Hindi.

For each other country, there is only one option.

Is there a Alexa man’s voice?

Not. Unlike Google Assistant and Siri, there is no option to choose the gender of Alexa. She is a girl.

In the US, the owner can buy one celebrity vote – the voice of Samuel L. Jackson – for $ 0.99, but if there is no choice.

How do you change Alexa’s voice?

The only way is to change the language he uses. If you speak English, then you have a variety of choices such as the US, Canada, India and Australia.

Or, you can change completely to another language, which can potentially help you if you are learning a language.

This setting is per device, so you can set each Echo to a different language if you want.

To change the Alexa language, open the Alexa application and do the following:

  1. Open the menu by tapping the line in the upper left corner
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Device Settings
  4. Find your Echo in the list and tap
  5. Scroll down and tap Language
  6. Tap on the language you want Alexa to speak


You will get a warning if the language does not match your Amazon account to say that it is not fully supported in your country.


Some skills, abilities, and even music may not be available once now that makes a difference.

Tap OK and the Application will indicate that your Echo is downloading a new language. This will take less than 30 seconds, and the next time you talk to Alexa, he will respond in a new language.

How do I change how fast Alexa talks?

This is useful if you find the response delivered too slowly, or too quickly.

Just say “Alexa, speak faster” or “Alexa, speak slower” and he will obey. You can do this several times. And to restore normal service say “Alexa, talk at normal speed”.

Again, this setting is per device, so it will only affect the Echo you request.

How can I change Alexa’s words?

If someone in your household is called Alexa, Alex, or Alexa blames his own name, you can change it to Amazon, Echo, or Computer.

This is done through the Alexa application. From the main menu in the application, tap Settings> Device Settings> [tap the device you want to change]> Build Word.


Now tap the word you want your Echo to reply to.

There is no option to choose a specific wake word.

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