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How to Connect a GameCube Controller to a Nintendo Switch

How to Connect a GameCube Controller to a Nintendo Switch

If you want the nostalgic feel of the classic GameCube controller, you can use the old GameCube controller instead of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. This is the perfect accessory for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition, but you can use it in almost all games.

Update the Nintendo Switch

The GameCube controller is supported on the Nintendo Switch console which runs at least version 5.0.0, released in March 2018.

To make sure your Nintendo Switch is up to date with the latest system version, double check that your system is connected to Wi-Fi, and navigate to “System Settings” from the Home menu.

Once you are in System Setup, navigate to “System”, and your current version will be listed under “System Update” on the right.


GameCube and Nintendo Switch controllers

In the fall of 2017, when Nintendo released the 5.0 software update for Nintendo Switch, the company quietly included a new feature: the ability to use the old GameCube controller with the Nintendo Switch system.

You can connect your old GameCube controller via the Wii U GameCube Controller adapter like the official Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter. The official GameCube Controller adapter costs around $ 20 retail.

Place the Nintendo Switch console in TV mode, and connect the two USB plugs from the GameCube Controller Adapter to the Nintendo Switch dock.


On the Nintendo Switch model, there are two USB ports on the Nintendo Switch dock where you connect the GameCube Controller adapter.


After you connect the Gamecube Controller adapter to the USB port, just connect your GameCube controller to the adapter and press the button on the GameCube controller with the Nintendo Switch turned on.

On the Nintendo Switch console, navigate to the “Controller Settings” menu on the Home screen, using your Nintendo Switch controller.


Under the “Controllers” menu, select “Pairing New Controllers,” and Nintendo Switch will start searching for compatible Nintendo Switch controllers.


You will be asked to select the L and R Trigger buttons on the GameCube controller, as you normally do with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, and that’s all there is.

The Nintendo Switch “Controllers” menu will display a preview of the attached USB controller.

GameCube and Nintendo Switch Lite controllers

You can also use the GameCube controller with Nintendo Switch Lite, but the process is a little complicated. Nintendo Switch Lite does not have a docking system, so additional cables are needed.

You need a GameCube controller, Wii U adapter, a black USB cable that is included with the Wii U adapter, and a USB C to USB 3 adapter.

This will allow you to connect to the USB-C Lite switch and connect your cable controller to the device. As discussed above, all you need to configure is the GameCube controller via the “Controller” menu.

Compared to using Nintendo Switch in docked mode, Nintendo Switch Lite is not connected to a TV screen, so you might want to look for alternative methods to support your device while you play. Of course, you can always put it on the floor. We will not judge you.

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