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How to Create Email Groups in Outlook

How to Create Email Groups in Outlook

Email remains the main source of communication among companies, small businesses, consumers and marketers. There are times when you have to frequently send the same email to a group of people. Instead of adding a contact every time in the compose email menu, you can create an email group in Outlook and save yourself the hassle.

After setting up a group, you can include it in an email and send one message to several people at once. To clarify, all terms like Contact Group, Contact List, E-mail Group, or Distribution List are the same. So, don’t get confused between them.

Important for any Outlook user when he or she plans to send mass emails to a group of recipients, including employees, coworkers, or friends. Group email helps each user send a single email to multiple recipients at once rather than the usual copy-paste activity.

After all, nearly 400 million email users actively rely on Outlook as their primary email medium and face this problem very often. This post will show you how to create group email in Outlook using the default method. Let’s get started.

What is an Email Group

Email group (contact group) is a collection of email IDs to send email frequently. When an admin sends an email to an email group, all the contacts on that group label receive the same email.

This is similar to WhatsApp Broadcast, where the admin sends a message to the broadcast list, and everyone in the group receives the message.

Use Outlook Contacts to Create Email Groups

In the example below, we will use Outlook web to create a contact group. This trick will work on all platforms like Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Here is a step by step guide on how to create an Outlook group to send bulk emails.

Step 1: Open Outlook on the web and sign in using your Microsoft account credentials.

Step 2: Outlook web collects small applications such as Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts, Microsoft To-Do, and Sticky Notes. Tap the Outlook Contacts icon.


Step 3: The following screen will display all the Outlook Contacts that you have saved in Outlook.

Step 4: Hover over the contact you want to add to the mailing list and click the checkbox to select it. Repeat for each contact you want to add to the list.


Step 5: Make sure every contact you add has an email associated with it. Otherwise, they won’t appear on the label when you open the email later.

Step 6: After selecting each contact, click on the Add to list and then select New contact list.


Step 7: Provide a list of relevant names and press Enter.

You can create as many labels as you want in Outlook. Don’t forget to give them relevant names like Family, Office, Business, Client and more.

Send Email Using Email Groups in Outlook

Now that you have created your list with Outlook, it is time to send an email using Outlook. Follow the steps for the Contacts list in Outlook.

Step 1: Open Outlook on the web.

Step 2: Tap the Write button at the top left corner.


Step 3: From the New Mail window, start typing the name you gave on the contact list and then click on the suggestion when it appears below the text field.

Step 4: After selecting the contact list, fill in the email, then click the Send button to send it to everyone in the group list.


Unlike Gmail, Outlook web does not display email addresses added in the compose email menu. It only displays the contact group name. That’s sad because you may need to double-check the contact name and email ID before hitting the Send button.

Edit Email Group in Outlook

If you recently expanded your family or work group with new members, you will want to add them to the Outlook Contacts group. Complete the steps below to edit an email group.

Step 1: Open Outlook Contacts on the web.

Step 2: Select All Contact List from the hamburger menu.


Step 3: Select the Contact list that you want to edit.

Step 4: Tap the Edit button on the Contact List.

Step 5: Here, you can type a contact name or email address to add it to the email contact group.


Step 6: If you want to delete an existing contact, tap on the x next to it.

Outlook Group Limits

Before you go ahead and start creating Outlook email groups, you need to understand some of the limitations of this method.

  • While you can easily send group emails in Outlook, creating an email group is a manual and time-consuming process. Also, you need to make sure that you have added the email ID of each contact you wish to add to the group.
  • Email follow-up is difficult. Let’s say you have sent an email to a group of people. Some of them responded while some did not. You’ll need to compile individual follow-up emails for each email address and send multiple emails manually.
  • Outlook groups have no personalization. You can’t customize your group email for individual recipients. Remember, you are creating emails for groups and not for one person. Generic emails don’t make a good impression compared to detailed, tailor-made emails.

Send Bulk Emails on the Go

Group email can be a boon for someone who handles the same email to a group of people. It’s a must-have addition for small and medium-sized businesses too. On an individual level, it declares the email process and saves resources and time for you.

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