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How to Get Notifications for Only Emails You Care About in Microsoft Outlook

How to Get Notifications for Only Emails You Care About in Microsoft Outlook

Some emails are more important than others. Instead of getting a warning every time your email arrives, configure Microsoft Outlook to only notify you when important things touch your inbox, rather than any old email that can wait until you check your inbox.

If an email alert from Outlook bothers you, the easiest thing to do is turn it off. But what if you really need to know when emails come from your boss, clients, or other people who are important to you?

Microsoft Outlook allows you to set custom alert rules for specific email addresses or entire domains. We have discussed the rules in general before, so look quickly if you have never used them.

When you set custom alerts using rules, it overrides the default alert permissions that have been set up. If you have turned off all warnings in Outlook, you will still get a warning if you have rules set to do so.

Make Rules for Specific People

To set up custom alert rules for specific people, open Outlook and then find the email from the person you want the alert to. Right-click on the email and select Rules> Create Rules.


Or, select an email, and on the Home tab of the ribbon, click Rules> Create Rules.


Activate the check box next to the sender’s name and then select “Show in New Item Warning Window” and / or “Play Selected Sounds.”


If you select “Play Selected Sound”, then you must select a sound file to play. Most people don’t save the .wav file option, so navigate to C: \ Windows \ Media (or / System / Library / Sounds / if you use Outlook on a Mac) and select the sound you want. You can use the play button in the “Create Rules” window to hear the sound before you confirm your choice.


Click “OK” in the Create Rule window, and your rules are set. From now on, you will be notified every time you receive a message from that email address.

Create Rules for Whole Domains

If you want to be notified when you receive e-mail from a specific domain, such as a particular client or your home e-mail domain, everything you need to create rules from scratch.

On the Home tab, click Rules> Manage Rules & Alerts.


In the “Rules And Signs” window, click “New Rules.”


Select “Apply Rules to the Message I Received” and then click the “Next” button.


Scroll down, select “With Special Words At Sender’s Address,” then click on “Special Words” underlined in the bottom panel.


Add in the domain you want the alert to, click “Add” (you can add multiple domains if desired), then click “OK.”


The domain will replace “Special Words.” Click “Next.”


Now, choose whether you want the sound to play, a warning is displayed, or both. If you choose a sound, you have to click “Sound” and choose the sound you want. When finished, click “Finish.”


Rules will appear in the “Rules and Alerts” list. Click “Apply” to turn it on.


From now on, every time an email comes from that domain, I will get the alert you choose.

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