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How to make email accounts behave like Gmail

How to make email accounts behave like Gmail

Want to add Gmail features like inbox organization and spam filters to non-Google email accounts? Here’s how to do it.

Gmail has some great features, like advanced spam filters and how to organize your inbox to priority, social, and promotional email.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have these features for Yahoo, Hotmail, and other email accounts? Yes, you can. Thanks to the Gmailify feature in Gmail you can have all your email in one universal inbox, with full access to all the features mentioned above. And here we will explain exactly how to get this Gmail feature on any email account.

However, first of all, there are a few things to note. Gmail will scan your email to determine how it’s setup, so if you’re not happy to let Google have that kind of access to your data then you don’t want to use this feature. Second, you can only link one other email account at a time with your Gmail account.

Finally, emails from the second account will appear mixed with your Gmail email, not as separate accounts. That might be fine, but maybe not.

How to Gmailify an email account on Android

In order to bring Gmail functionality to your non-Google account, you must first install and set up the Gmail application. Next, open the app and tap on three in the top left corner then scroll down and select Settings. Tap Add account and select your email service from the list that appears.


Follow the instructions for setting up your account, including your login details, and when everything is done, you will see a page titled ‘Less spam, more control‘. Below that there should be an option to Try Gmailify. Tap this, select the Gmail account you want to link, then tap Next.


Gmail will now link the accounts and take you back to your inbox. To make sure everything is working as it should, go to Settings and you will see that underneath your Gmail account it should say ‘Linked with [your email account]‘.

That’s all, you are now free to enjoy the regular Gmail experience, only this time it includes any messages from your other accounts as well.

How to get Gmailify on iPhone

How to add an account in the iOS version of Gmail is practically identical, with a slight difference, namely after opening Settings you need to tap the arrow to the right of your username then select Manage account> Add account. After that, follow the steps outlined above so that your non-Gmail account is linked with your Gmail account.

How to get Gmail features in an email account via the web version

To add an account via the web version of Gmail, go to your Gmail inbox, select the gear symbol in the upper right corner to open Settings, then select View all Settings.

Click the Accounts and Import tab and look for a section called Check email from other accounts. Here you will see the option to Add an email account. Select this and enter the address for your non-Gmail account. A dialog box will appear with two options, from which you need to check Link account with Gmailify and then click Next.


Log in to the account you want to add, then when you see the message ‘You have been Gmailified!’ Click Close to complete the process.

Of course, Gmail isn’t the only email service that can offer interesting features and handle multiple accounts. So check out our guide to the best Gmail alternatives for some great options.

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