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How to Make YouTube Thumbnails

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails

Almost every one of us is known for the popular YouTube video sharing platform. However, you know the facts about how to create a YouTube thumbnail if you are a You Tuber. The main purpose of this article is to give you complete knowledge about what YouTube is. In addition, you will also find mastery in creating YouTube thumbnails.

So why are you waiting? Here, you will find the knowledge you need. So, continue with this article to understand all the knowledge that stands out. Therefore, these are the things that you need most to be one of the best in your city.

What is YouTube?

Therefore, in the current era of technological development, a significant breakthrough is the great YouTube platform. How many of you know about the existence of any video sharing platform besides YouTube. At present, YouTube has more than 1 billion users, representing almost one third of the internet. Also, the platform is present in 88 countries and is available in 76 different languages. Every day, one billion hours of video are watched on the site, an amount that attracts companies to carry out advertising campaigns.

If you are someone who is looking for the right way to create your own YouTube channel or video, it’s important to know everything that matters. There are many platforms for creating YouTube thumbnails, like you can create YouTube thumbnails with –°rello, and more.

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails?

There are various types of online platforms where you can create YouTube thumbnails.

You don’t need to have Photoshop to create great thumbnails for your videos on YouTube: all you need is imagination and simple tools like this.


This is one of the best free online software. This allows you to do almost everything you can do with Photoshop, just by using the graphics tool. It’s free and easy to use, take a look.



Yes, this is not a powerful tool, but you will find fantastic freelance graphics at very affordable prices. If you already have an image and an idea of what you want to implement to make the preview, this might be a solution that will cost you less.



Yes, now you can even be the designer you want to be. You can create innovative thumbnails for your videos here. Like, the main online platform, you can upload various image sources on this platform and then create your YouTube thumbnail.


Things to Remember When Making YouTube Thumbnails


Note: very often on YouTube, the miniatures are very dark or, in any case, almost gray. The human eye, however, is attracted to light sources because of their nature. Turn up the brightness a little beyond what is right.

This little trick will help you pay more attention to the eyes of the people who care about you. But be careful not to overdo it because if the colors start to become contaminated and the image you use will become unnatural, it has the opposite effect.


In a way that is very similar to the brightness point, you will often see that many video previews have dull and almost depressing colors. Do you want your thumbnails to be clicked more? Try to increase the color saturation in the image that you are working on. You will see that the results will come.

Here too, be careful not to overdo saturated colors, especially if there are faces on the preview. It’s easy to increase the saturation too much and again make unnatural miniature colors.

The Title Must Be There

Do you remember what was at the beginning of the post about the title? Here, why not include a few miniature words that inspire it yourself? Because thumbnails take the most attention, we have included our video key with text overlaid on our image.

The font must be large enough to read, and the color contrast with the image must be adequate, always for reasons of legibility.

Face presence

As far as possible, try to include the face in the preview that you created. Statistically, miniatures with faces appear better than those that are absent.

The gaze must be indoors because, unconsciously, it tells the audience that we are talking directly to them. And if you can show evocative expressions (excitement, fear, astonishment, etc.), everything gets better because it affects your attention even more.

Call of Action

If you can insert a thumbnail containing an important part of the action in your video, do it.


Simply put, because you give your audience a great preview of what will happen in the video: if your audience is interested in this extreme end, they will watch your video to the end to see what you promised in the thumbnail.

Note here that the action must be understandable: You know exactly what will happen in the video, but your users will not. In your recommendations show a preview for someone to see if you understand or not. If the answer is no, try another frame, of course you have a winner in your video.

Background Color

Another thing that works very well, if you have an image that doesn’t really convince you is to cut your subject and put it in a “fake” background. In this way, you can determine what the background color will be.

You have to use colors that stand out in the middle of the competition, because that is very saturated, and that helps not blend with other results.

Branding Your Video

Use thumbnails as an opportunity to show your branding: You have a choice of fonts, colors, and styles that must be adjusted to your company or website preferences.

Seeing consistent thumbnails on different videos will help your audience identify you better.

On the other hand, if you think you want to make a video series that is very different from one another, you can also play these factors to give coherence to the series and brand it in a certain way.


If you are someone who is looking for the right way to create your own YouTube channel or video, it’s important to know everything that matters. There are many platforms for creating YouTube thumbnails. Therefore, this is an element that you must maintain when creating YouTube thumbnails. This drastically affects your audience that you cannot imagine.

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