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How to Mute Everyone in a Zoom Call

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During video conferences in Zoom, sometimes other people’s video feeds become too noisy. The host can turn off everyone’s microphone to stop this. Whether someone steps in to calm a noisy or disturbing parrot, this is the way to mute them.

Host Only

In Zoom, only the host can mute everyone at the conference. You can change the meeting host to delegate this power. When you mute everyone, it turns off their microphones so you can’t hear them. The video stream is not affected. Whether people can mute themselves depends on the host settings chosen during the shutdown process.

How to Mute All and Mute All in Zoom

The following instructions work on the Zoom versions for PC, Mac, web and tablet, although interface elements can be in locations that are slightly different from the screenshots provided.

With Zoom open, if the toolbar at the bottom of the screen / window isn’t visible, lift it up by clicking, tapping, or hovering your mouse cursor in that area. When it appears, click “Participants” or “Manage Participants.”

In the Participant list, look for the button that says “Mute All.” Click or tap.

A confirmation box will appear informing you that all current and new participants will be muted. There is a check box option that says “Allow Participants to Be Alone.” Check this if you want each participant to be able to activate their own voice. Then click or tap “Continue.”

If you look at the list of Participants now, you will see the microphone icon crossed out next to everyone who is currently muted.

If you want to ring everyone’s voice at once, find the “Unmute All” button in the Participant list and click or tap on it.

After muting everyone, Zoom will confirm with a message somewhere on the screen that all participants have been muted.

All mutes will be picked up, and everyone who calls now can hear other people.

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