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How to Mute Google Meet Tabs in Chrome using Tab Router Extension

How to Mute Google Meet Tabs in Chrome using Tab Router Extension

Disable Google Meet sessions on Chrome using this extension

Sometimes you have multiple meetings going on simultaneously, such as when you are part of the Breakout Room or moderate it. The Breakout Room is very popular in the video conferencing ecosystem because it allows users to closely mimic real-world group assignments and discussions.

But despite its popularity, Google Meet doesn’t yet have an official Breakout Rooms feature. However, that doesn’t discourage people from using functions in their Google Meet meetings. Whether you use an extension to facilitate a Breakout Room or prefer to do it manually, the bottom line is that you can have a Breakout Room like a meeting on Google Meet easily.

But if you have multiple meetings running on separate tabs, managing them can be a headache. Especially the sound from all these different tabs. Previously, Chrome used to have a ‘Mute tab’ button which allowed you to disable tabs with one click. But since then it has been replaced by a new ‘Mute Site’ option. This option can be useful in most cases, but not at the moment as it disables all site specific tabs. So all your Google Meet tabs will be disabled or muted with this option. There is no in between.

Luckily, there is a Chrome extension that can help you get out of this problem. The Tab Muter extension brings back the much-coveted ‘Mute Tab’ button to your Chrome tabs.

Use Tab Router Extension to disable Google Meet Tabs in Chrome

All you need to get the tab mute button back in Chrome browser is to install the extension. Open the Chrome web store and look for the ‘Tab Muter’ extension. You can also click here and let the link take you to the installation page in one click.

Now, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the right side of the screen.


A confirmation dialog box will appear. Click the ‘Add extension’ button in the dialogue box, and the extension will be installed successfully.


The extension icon will appear in your address bar. When the tab is not on mute mode, you will see a simple speaker icon.


When you disable a tab, the icon changes to a speaker icon with a diagonal line on it. Click on the icon to deactivate the tab, and click again to activate it. Repeat for each tab that you want to disable.


The Tab Muter extension keeps it simple without the bells and whistles. This will not only help you when you need to disable the Google Meet tab, but whenever you need to disable any and all other tabs. While it can’t add a mute button to the tab itself, as it used to with Chrome’s built-in ‘Deactivate Tab’ button, it’s still the next best thing.

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