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How to Play Remotely Playing the Role of Playing Games on a Tablet Using Slack

How to Play Remotely Playing the Role of Playing Games on a Tablet Using Slack

The world of unlimited role playing games that have traditionally been played in private is increasingly played online. With modern communication applications like Slack, you can easily store all content, characters, conversations and critical hits in one convenient place.

Create Your World in the Workspace

Basically, a role-playing game (TTRPG) on a table is a cooperative tale where random opportunities can record the results of your actions. There are many rules systems that determine what you can and cannot do, the most famous of which is the high fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. In fact, to help with language isolation during quarantine, TTRPG developers provide adventure and free resources that can help you get started.

To activate and run your TTRPG today, start by creating your own Slack workspace for free. In this new workspace, you will want to make room for play happen. You can create channels to post links to character sheets, channels to upload rules and source material, and chat outside characters where players can talk and share. There are countless digital character sheets for you to use; The D&D Beyond character sheet is beautifully connected in Slack.


You also want to create spaces in characters: channels for images of the world you meet and people who meet your characters, channels for dialogue in characters, and most importantly channels for throwing dice.

Roll Dice With Dack Roller Application of D&D Slack

Slack gives developers various tools to develop applications specifically for the platform. The Slack D&D Dice Roller application is the only Slack application that really needs to start playing your TTRPG. You can add applications to Slack by navigating to the page in the Slack App Directory and clicking the “Add to Slack” button.


After you have been given an application’s permission to access your Slack workspace, you are ready to start scrolling right away. Type / roll into the channel you made to roll the dice to see the syntax for making your roll. You can roll as many dice as you want and the application will automatically display the totals, as well as the results of each individual roll, any modifiers, and even the reason for the roll.


Come Together and Start Adventure

Now that you have gotten up and spinning, with rules, characters, maps and images uploaded to the right channel in the workspace, it’s time to start playing. This new workspace is where you can hold sessions via free audio or video calls. For most players, playing on a map is very important. Luckily, while Slack doesn’t give you the ability to move icons around the map, there are plenty of tools for the map including Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. You can even upload any image to Google Drive and give your players permission to edit documents so they can upload and move their character tokens or icons.

Or, there is always the option to go to the map and play through “the the mind of theater”. This involves describing the nature of the meeting and the layout of the environment and doing play fully through everyone’s imagination. Finally, for players and game masters with busy schedules, there is always an option to play with text. This option is much slower but can allow your players to contribute to the story without having to coordinate schedules and dedicate long periods of time to game sessions.

With these tools, you can use Slack to easily set up a TTRPG system to share with friends all over the world. Explore the cosmos, become a supernatural detective, or create any story you and your friends can imagine, all without leaving your desk.

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