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How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Match You At Bumble

How To Tell If Someone Doesn't Match You At Bumble

Bumble turns a traditional date over his head with a simple rule: women must start a conversation. At Bumble, men and women match each other like they do at Tinder, but once the match is done, the woman has to send the first message.

We get lots of questions at TechJunkie about Bumble and other dating apps, like:

How do you know if someone doesn’t suit you at Bumble? How can you be incompatible with someone you no longer want to date? And, can you block people on the application?

We are always happy to answer this question, and in this article, I will do that.

How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Match You At Bumble

This can be very frustrating and a source of hurt: You are talking to someone, you think things are going well, and suddenly the other person is ghosting you.

Of course, it’s always more mature to tell someone that you’re not interested, or that you don’t want to talk anymore, but sometimes people don’t feel safe to do that. In cases like this, how do you know what happened?

In Bumble, there are basically two ways for someone to disappear: they can delete their own profile or Bumble account, or they can easily not suit you.

If they delete their account, the conversation will remain in the Bumble application and it will be able to read what has been said. The username of the person you are talking to will say “Profile Deleted.”

On the other hand, if they don’t suit you, the conversation will disappear completely from the chat screen. Their profile will also disappear from your Matches list.


How to Compare Someone on Bumble

Maybe the shoes are on the other foot, and you want to not fit someone. The easiest way is to ignore the match and let Bumble automatically cancel it; after 24 hours (or 48 hours if someone uses an extension) Bumble will automatically not match you both if the conversation hasn’t started yet. If there is already a conversation, then the match can also end, but it takes longer.

If you don’t want to wait, you can delete it by hand. Simply hold the contact and select “Delete Match.” Confirm when asked and the match will disappear. Once deleted, the match is lost, so make sure about your decision.

If you are worried about whether other people will be told that you do not suit them, you might want to read this TechJunkie article on the subject to calm your mind.

Block vs. Cancel the match

As an alternative to mismatch, you can block and report your match to Bumble. What you have to do depends on why you feel the need to disconnect.

In general, if someone behaves inappropriate or not suitable, that’s not enough. But if you feel there is a threat to you or someone else because your behavior or statement of the match is outside the acceptable limits, then you should really block and report.


The reporting options for both options are the same, with the option to show that your partner makes you uncomfortable, rude or threatening, has inappropriate content, spam or scam, or uses a stolen photo.


Blocking someone is not only to protect oneself, but also to protect other community members from predators or problems. If you meet a really bad actor on the site, help everyone and tell the Bumble team about the problem.

Discrepancies will not stop someone from coming to your deck again in the future, maybe, but blocking will.

What if I Unmatch by Accident?

So what do you do if you don’t match someone who happens to be?

Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution. However, if you are serious enough about a lost match and you want to take a pretty drastic step, you might be able to match it again.

You must uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile. You don’t need to reset your account; uninstalling the application clears your history.

You need to narrow your criteria as close as possible to a lost partner – enter in the right age range, the right distance, and as many filters as you can match that person’s profile. Hopefully, you will be able to find it again in your prospective match in a few days. Swipe right again, and hope they do the same thing, and it will get back in touch.


Does Bumble Show the Profile That You Have Rejected?

Bumble has answered this question on their website: “We show our user profiles that they have been swiped, just in case if they change their mind or make a mistake. That’s why you can also be shown as a user who might have swiped left on you in future then just in case they want to swipe you the second time around! ”

However, the more often you delete the same person, the less likely you will see it in the future. Also, remember that Bumble doesn’t delete active users. So if you feel someone has rejected you (aka, hasn’t answered you) they might not be active.

Will someone know if I’m not a match for them?

No, your profile will disappear momentarily.

Can I reset my Bumble account?

You can reset your Bumble account by deleting it and creating a new one. This can get you back in touch with someone who doesn’t suit you.

What if I accidentally match someone?

The only known solution to reconnecting and finding your partner again is to delete the application and install it again. Set your search parameters according to their age and whatever information you have about these parameters, then start swiping.

How long does an active account appear on Bumble?

If the account is active for more than 30 days, the account will be removed from the deck.

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