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How to turn off Nintendo Switch controllers

How to turn off Nintendo Switch controllers

The Nintendo Switch has many different controller options, making it one of the most versatile consoles ever made. A standard Joy-Con controller can be placed in the Joy-Con handle, and you can use a Pro Controller or a third-party alternative to play your game. You can even connect a GameCube controller as long as you have an adapter.

How to turn off Nintendo Switch controllers

With all those options, however, it appears that you might accidentally leave some controllers turned on and waste battery unnecessarily. But fear not, because the solution is quite simple. Here’s how to turn off the Nintendo Switch controller.

Before the match


If you want to swap controllers on the Nintendo Switch, you can turn off your current controller before entering the game. To do this, open the Switch’s main menu by pressing the home button on your controller, and selecting the Joy-Con icon at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, select the “Change Grip / Order” option on the right and you will be asked to press the L and R buttons on the controller you wish to use. What it will also do is turn off any controllers currently connected to the system.

This is not only the perfect way to turn off controllers you don’t want to use, but it also lets you reconfigure the ones you already use. Want to turn the Joy-Con sideways instead of playing it vertically? Just press the L and R buttons next to it when this screen is ready to do so.

Put the Switch to sleep


Like most other game consoles, you put the Nintendo Switch to sleep mode to also turn off any controllers that are currently connected to it. To do this, tap the power button located at the top of the Switch itself, or select the power icon at the bottom of the main menu and confirm your choice. Pressing the home button on one of your controllers will wake the console back up again, and that controller will be the only one still connected.

Using system settings


If you’re giving a controller to someone else, you’ll need to detach that controller from your own system first – this will stop them from turning on your console when they try to wake up their own Switch.

To do this, go to system settings, which you can achieve by selecting the gear icon at the bottom of the home screen. From there, scroll down the menu on the left until you see Controllers and Sensors.

Select Disconnect Controllers with your system in handheld mode and follow the on-screen instructions to remove them from your system memory. If you try to do this in docking mode, you’ll get an error message.

Charge your controller


If your Switch controller doesn’t turn on, the battery may be drained. There are a few different methods you can use to keep your Switch controller fully charged, and you can even play while charging the controller.

If you have a Pro controller, you can charge it via any USB-C port or plug it into your Switch dock. If you’re using a Joy-Con controller, slide it up to the console and charge the console with a dock or USB-C port. You can also invest in a docking station that will charge your Switch controller and Joy-Con separately.

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