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How to Update Firmware on Sony TV

How to Update Firmware on Sony TV

Modern devices rely on regular firmware and software updates to stay at peak performance. Sony TVs are no exception here. This firmware and software update tends to be automatic, but sometimes, you might have to do something manually.

Here’s how to update your Sony TV firmware.

Set Automatic Update Check

Like most modern devices, Sony TVs must have automatic updates enabled. However, for various reasons, automatic updates may be turned off on your TV. All you need to do here is check whether automatic updates are activated.

Remember that on Sony AF9 to ZF9 models, this setting is called Automatic checking for updates while other Sony Android TV models refer to this option as Automatic software downloads.

Here’s how to choose whether auto-update mode is activated on your device.

First, go ahead and get the Sony remote. Depending on the model, the Home button may be located in another part of your remote. Find and press. Of course, your TV must be turned on. From the menu that appears, select Help.

Now, open the Apps and select Help. This will display the Help screen. If your remote has a Help button in it, you can press it and it will take you to the same menu.

From here, open System software update. You should be able to see whether the Automatically check for updates / Automatic download software option is activated. If not, select it and turn it on. If you prefer to disable the automatic update mode, there is a way to manually update your Sony TV device.


Automatic Updates Do Not Work

If you are wondering why your automatic update did not occur, even though you have activated it, it may be because you still have not agreed to the Sony Privacy Policy. It doesn’t matter if you have the automatic update setting turned on, your device won’t install it automatically if you haven’t agreed to their terms of service.

To check whether you have agreed to a privacy policy, navigate to the Help menu and then to Privacy Settings. To accept Sony’s Privacy Policy, simply select the Privacy Settings mode and accept the terms.

Perform a Manual Update Check

Even if your auto-renewal mode is turned on and you agree to the terms of service, an error or error can stop the firmware / software update from downloading. To be safe, on the same screen that we are doing (system software update), navigate to Check for system software update / Software update.

Downloading Updates

When you finally set everything up (or decide to go with a manual update), a notification will appear, asking for firmware / software updates. On Sony TV AF9 through ZF9 series, an update notification will appear when turning on the device. On other Android TV models, a pop-up will appear, asking you to do the same thing. Select Update / Update Now (depending on TV model) to download and install the update.


Remember that the update will take about 15 minutes. However, don’t worry, you can still use the TV normally. And don’t be afraid to turn off the device, because the update process will still run. However, do not unplug your TV or Wi-Fi connection.

Use a USB Flash Drive

Although this method is not popular, there may be some cases where installing updates from a USB flash drive can be very useful. To do this, make sure your drive is formatted in NTFS, exFAT, FAT16, or FAT32. Also, make sure that there is enough space in it and you save the update in the root file directory.

Visit the official Sony support website, select your TV model, and download updates to the USB flash drive. You will find all the necessary instructions on the Sony support webpage.

If Nothing Works

If you still can’t update your Sony device, we recommend that you do a complete factory reset. Open the Home menu, followed by Settings. Then, navigate to the TV menu and select Storage and Reset. Finally, select Factory data reset. This should fix the problem.

Update your Sony TV

Hopefully this guide helps you update your Sony TV device. If nothing works, the only thing left is to refer to your retailer or contact the Sony support channel. They must be able to help you.

Have you successfully updated your firmware and software? What is the problem? Are you having other problems? Feel free to press the comment section below and tell the whole community about it.

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