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How to use Alexa’s whisper when she answers

How to use Alexa's whisper when she answers

Alexa has a silent mode that won’t disturb others at night. Here’s how to enable – and deactivate – whisper mode.

Alexa is very useful for turning off the lights when you are in bed, setting an alarm for the morning and checking the weather tomorrow. But if you need to do that when your partner is asleep, or you don’t want to disturb babies or children who sleep nearby, then the hard answer is a problem.

Of course, you can immediately turn down the volume before you ask a question, but there is a better way: enable the Alexa whisper response.

At first, hearing her whispers to you is funny but you will get used to and – hopefully – not laughing loudly and disturbing people who need peace and quiet.

How to activate Alexa whispering responses

Simple: just say “Alexa, turn on whisper mode”. You don’t need to do this on each of your Amazon Echos or other devices with the built-in Alexa: it applies to everyone who is connected to your Alexa / Amazon account.

When activated, Alexa will only whisper when you whisper a question. This is a well thought out feature, because it responds with its normal voice if you use your voice, so you don’t have to always activate and deactivate whisper mode.


Just keep in mind that he will respond to normal volume the first time you whisper to each device, saying, “I think you just whispered to me. From now on when you whisper, I will whisper again.”

If you want to turn off this whisper for a reason, just say “Alexa, turn off whisper mode.”

Alexa application

Another way is to enable whisper responses in the Alexa application.

Open the main menu (three lines in the upper left corner) and tap Settings.

Scroll down until you see Alexa Preferences and tap Voice Responses below. Use the toggle switch to activate the Whisper Mode.


And that’s all.

Alexa Short Mode

There are other useful tips related to Whispering Modes, and that’s Short Mode. You might see it above the Whispering Mode in the Alexa application.

What it does is shorten the response to certain requests and in some cases will play a tone to indicate that the request has been followed up, instead of using words. For example, if you say “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights” everyone hears a short “dong-ding” to know that it’s happening.

We have lots of great tips and tricks for using Alexa, as well as 100 funny things you can say to her.

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