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How to use Collections on Microsoft Edge

How to use Collections on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based web browser created by Microsoft in 2015. This is the default browser on OS Windows 10, taking over from the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

One of the revolutionary features found in this browser is the Collection feature. This works by allowing users to collect and categorize the content they encounter on the internet. Users can collect various types of content such as images, text, and links and place them on the notes page.

With this feature, you can save all this content for future reference. Users no longer have to copy from a web page and then paste in a Word application which can be time consuming. All content stored on your Collection page can be exported directly to Word and Excel programs. Because it’s still a new feature, many users are still unfamiliar with using Collections on Microsoft Edge, so let’s walk fast.


Using Collections

Create a shortcut

To reach and use Collections on Microsoft Edge, you must start by creating shortcuts on your desktop. During installation, Microsoft Edge will automatically create desktop shortcuts. But if you don’t have it, start by finding the Edge browser on the Start menu. You can do this by typing ‘Edges’ or scrolling through the list of applications arranged alphabetically.

After you find it, drag it to the desktop to create a shortcut.

Next, right-click on the shortcut and select ‘Property’ then choose the tab that says ‘Shortcut’

On this tab, you will see a box for ‘Target’; fill in the following code:

– – enable-features = msEdgeCollections after the “msedge.exe” text is in the box.

Finally, click Apply then OK before closing the ‘Properties’ window

When you open the Microsoft Edge browser, you should be able to see the newly installed Collection icon on the top right of the page. That’s how you will know that you succeeded.

Open the project about Collections

To start a content collection session, click the Collection icon in your Microsoft Edge browser.

The Collection window will display on the right while your browser window is on the left.

Click the ‘Start new collection’ icon and then name your Collection project.

With two windows side by side, you can easily pull content from the browser to the Collection page. Another way to add content is to click on the ‘Add current page’ icon to automatically paste a web page link into your Collection.

If you just want a piece of information from a page, you can select text, copy and then paste it for later reference. Note that you can do this with pictures too. The act of copying and pasting is made easy by the fact that links to web pages are automatically attached to the snippet.

To look back to a particular Collection page, click the icon on the toolbar and select the Collection session that you want because it is stored under a different name.



To export a project from Collection to Word or Excel, click there from your Collection window. Then select the sharing options in the panel before selecting the application you want to send. At present, users only have the option between Word and Excel even though there is a possibility that more applications will be included in the future.


Because you can create lots of collections with different names, it’s easy to track and access them whenever you want. And you can always add more by tapping the ‘Start new collection’ icon. If you want to delete or even rename an existing collection, just right-click on it and choose the action you want.

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