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How to you track a child’s phone without them knowing

How to you track a child's phone without them knowing

In this virtual game world, parents often spend fun and innocence with their children. Children tend to spend more time on their cellphones, than with their parents.

Excessive involvement in this digital world greatly influences study schedules. Not only that, but it also covers their privacy and endangers them to cyberspace threats. So what do you think is the solution?

Well, one reasonable step in this case is to develop a friendly and intense bond with your child. However, if your work schedule is too busy to get time for your child, then here you have other choices.

Many spy software available on the market are not hidden and have a greater risk of being caught. In addition, software applications like that are vulnerable to virus and malware attacks, which make your child’s data insecure.

This means, you need a solution that is safe, reliable, and most importantly wisdom. Spyier is the hand that will help you get all information about your child’s activities without affecting the privacy of their data.
Spyier “Solution to Monitor Your Children”

Spyier is one of the leading spy applications that will help you monitor your child’s activities with maximum comfort. This intuitive website offers a simplified interface to work on. Not just social media, but this spy application is perfect for tracking more aspects on your child’s smartphone.

Spyier “Solution to Monitor Your Children”

Spyier is one of the leading spy applications that will help you monitor your child’s activities with maximum comfort. This intuitive website offers a simplified interface to work on. Not just social media, but this spy application is perfect for tracking more aspects on your child’s smartphone.


With millions of users in more than 190 countries, this application has a global reach for its customers. Using Spyier is the best spy solution as recommended by leading technology platforms including, PC Magazine, Toms Guide, and Life Hacker.

If you are looking for a solution to “how to track my child’s cell phone without them knowing” then Spyier has supported you. Operation stealth mode makes this application suitable for secret spies. Let’s look at some amazing features.

1. Web-Supported Interface: To track your child’s phone from Spyier, you are not required to download certain applications. Instead of a simple login from your mobile or PC browser, this will help you access all your child’s information.

This feature will make your application more comfortable, because you can track your child’s cell phone anytime and from anywhere.

2. Escape Root And Jailbreak Requirements: Spyier comes with the best and most innovative technology that saves you time and effort that is applied to root or jailbreak.

This is important, so that the integrity and security of your data is ensured correctly. In addition, the Spyier solution does not preclude your guarantee, which makes spying easier.

3. Interface that can be accessed with ease of navigation: Spyier offers you many features, which can be accessed easily through the dashboard. The specified tab allows you to access whatever features you want by just left clicking on the specified tab.

Isn’t this a time-saving solution? Now, you don’t need to spend hours looking for options to make it work. The intuitive interface allows easy navigation to work quickly.

4. At Par Data Privacy: Spyier software is very reliable because in any case, this software does not interfere with the security measures of its customers. It has got the best encryption protocol, which ensures higher security standards.

More than that, there is no reason to stress, because Spyier does not record your data or the target cell phone data on its server. This means there is no possibility of breach of your data security.

5. Affordable Solution: Spending something like spying is always a concern. You will look for the minimum price that you can get. So, Spyier makes it easy for you because the number of features and interfaces that understand technology has a nominal price that is worth it.

6. No Need to Become a Technician: As stated earlier, Spyier software has a brilliant interface that can be accessed by someone who doesn’t know the technicalities.

Spyier Software Stealth Mode

Spyier application is feasible with the Android and iOS operating systems. However, there are slight variations in the procedure for setting Spyier software on the target phone.

For the Android version, you need to hold your child’s cellphone in just 5 minutes. A 2-3MB application is required to download, which can be easily restricted.

This application is so small that your child will never be able to guess its whereabouts. In addition, you can delete the application whenever you want without having to operate the target phone manually.


In the case of iOS or iPhone cellular solutions, you don’t even need to do the manual installation process. Just get iCloud credentials from your child’s iPhone and you are ready to do it.

You must enter your credentials, after which the software will synchronize the iCloud backup data and will give you all the information you want.


By completing Spyier settings, you can easily track your child’s digital activities without them knowing. All text messages, social media applications, and others can be tracked from a remote location.

Spyier uses advanced stealth mode technology, which keeps security on par and is not detected. This application offers a simple solution for tracking most of your child’s information through his phone.

All you need to know

Look at what you want to know and track from your child’s phone.


Social Media Tracking Solution: Spyier offers a special tap for each social media application. Some popular social media spy tabs that you can access are Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Call Tracking Solution: This application offers a great feature to track calls made and received on your child’s phone. You can also access call logs for your use.

Track Browser History: Spyier allows you to check all browser history. This helps you check all the websites accessed by your children. If you find someone accepting or rude, then you have the option to block the website too.

Location Tracker: Spyier has a location monitor feature that allows you to maintain surveillance 24/7 at your child’s location. If they are very young, then you can set limits and ensure their safety.

Keylogger Feature: Keylogger is one of the important features of Spyier. This allows you to track all key presses made on the target device. You can easily get passwords, usernames along with web searches and messages.

Parental Monitoring

Children are the most vulnerable to attack by hackers and cyber criminals. Take for example the Pokemon Go and Blue whale games, which greatly affect the safety of your children.

Being a parent, you get the opportunity to watch your child’s messages and see how their perceptions develop. Parental control features by Spyier allow you to limit the sites that you don’t want your children to access.

No matter what you expect, Spyier is the best spy solution to keep your child safe in virtual space. After logging in, the setup guide will help with all instructions and you can easily check the information.


Overseeing your child’s digital life has become very important, following the difficulties in life and opportunities available on the platform. Spyier has more than 30 features, which will allow you to check 360 degrees on what your child is doing. Well, think of other ways to track my child’s cell phone without them knowing it’s not wrong. So, if you think, try Fam360, because next to Spyier, it can prove useful. Apart from that, Spyier is the best solution you can find. Especially, when it comes to features and security, Spyier is certainly the best solution.

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